Translating information into actionable insights

Delivering Digital Operations

Translating information into actionable insights

Delivering Digital Operations

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Xcentuate Diagnostics & Customer Insights

One of the greatest challenges facing many managers and leaders in business is understanding the customer experience. To firstly appreciate and then secondly transform customer care experience the first key step is to know what is happening across the multiple channels, processes and touchpoints within the organisation.

Every company has a wealth of information compiled from a host of different sources both internal and external to the organisation including operational, financial and customer experience studies. Customer Insights fills in the gaps and bridges the divides between the information at hand to in order to produce data that is more meaningful and accurate.

Xcentuate has a wealth of experience in looking at and analysing customer experience using data to identify innovative and develop practical solutions that can be implemented to transform customer experience.

Data Insights Xcentuate


Xcentuate has a wealth of experience in analysing processes and operational data enabling us to identify:

  • Process waste or lag
  • The actual performance and delivery of each process mapped against your expectations
  • Areas where process automation can add value
  • Operational Capacity required over time

These operational insights are very powerful when combined and analysed alongside your customer management data. The combined information allows for clear identification of innovative methods to transform your customer experience.

Understanding Customer Experience

It is easy for a company to be blind to the features of how they work or elements of their everyday operations that are detrimental to the customer journey. Just because something has always worked does not mean the customers experience cannot be improved.

At Xcentuate we undertake an independent impartial assessment of your customer service. We interview your customers and stakeholders to identify painpoints and challenges that can dilute the customer experience in ways you may not have noticed.

With information gained from the assessment, we combine your operational data and create a 360 degree overview of the customer service in your organisation. With this information a plan can be developed and we can work together to transform the customer experience.

Health Check

To deliver an exceptional customer service experience managing productivity and keeping a close check on capacity is vital. A health check from Xcentuate analyses key components of your operations and ensure you deliver an outstanding customer service including:

  • Current Operations Management vs. International Best Practice
  • Management and Team Leader Capability
  • Capability and Opportunity for Capacity Release

From the assessment, any issues that are identified can be addressed with the appropriate solution. A Health Check is a litmus test that provides a useful snapshot of your business that acts as a solid foundation to move forward and transform the customer experience in any organisation.


We can tailor a diagnostic exercise covering depending on your needs. The diagnostic is a quick exercise which can be done in as little as 1 week. Talk to us today and start the journey to transforming your customer experience.