The first step on the road to operational excellence

Delivering Digital Operations

The first step on the road to operational excellence

Delivering Digital Operations

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Operational Health Check & Customer Insights

Find out how your operations and customer experience compare with industry best practice and plan a road-map to digital transformation.

The Health Check gives you a comprehensive review of your current operations management process, compares your company against a proven Capability Maturity Model and provides instant feedback on opportunities for improvement. You also get:

  • A quantified assessment of the potential capacity improvement through changes to operations management practices.
  • Immediate feedback on your current approach to operations management.
  • Cost benefit analysis to address identified opportunities.
Data Insights Xcentuate


It’s easy to be blind to aspects of your everyday operations that are detrimental to your productivity. Just because something has always worked doesn’t mean that your capacity management and productivity can’t be improved.

A Health Check from Xcentuate analyses key components of your operations to ensure you’re working to capacity and delivering the best customer outcomes possible. It’s crucial to also assess operational leadership to identify if any improvements can be made. We look at:

  • Operational Capacity required over time
  • The opportunity for capacity release through changes to your current operations management practices
  • Current Operations Management vs. International Best Practice
  • Management and Team Leader Capability
  • The best solution at optimal cost to resolve identified issues
Capability Maturity Model

How we assess your operations

Operations management is a bit of a juggling act. It’s about controlling productivity, quality and service simultaneously. We’ll be looking at the way in which this is done in your business.

The results of the Health Check are reviewed against the ActiveOps Capability Maturity Model.

  • Approach – is management behaviour reactive, bureaucratic or active across all the roles and levels?
  • Consistency and comprehensiveness of management processes – Does your business have a common work management process or does it vary from team to team?
  • How well do your team practices integrate into departmental and cross-departmental activities?
  • Management skills – Is formal training available?
  • The supporting tools and standards underpinning your processes – how effective are supervisors in deriving value from them?

Assessment Method: Data Analytics

One of the greatest challenges business managers face is understanding the ‘whole picture’ flow of back-end operations. It makes sense to measure what’s happening across the multiple channels, processes and touch-points your team works on and which your customers encounter when dealing with your organisation.

If you’re like most companies, you’re therefore likely to have a ton of data being compiled by a host of different sources. Good start, but do you know what to do with it?  Can you join the dots to tell the whole story and extract meaningful actions?

Xcentuate’s Health Check helps to join the dots. We’re experts at analysing operational data. Information on work output and staff resources will be gathered to determine variability in productivity and the correlation with the volume and timing of incoming work.

We use on-site observations and qualitative assessment such as informal desk-side interviews to add even greater insights to the data analytics. Unlike the Health Check you get at the doctors, this Operations Health Check is non-intrusive and pain-free. We can be done in as little as 2 days and are flexible to your needs.

Understanding Customer Experience

It is easy for a company to be unaware of elements of their everyday operations that are detrimental to the customer journey. Just because something has always worked does not mean the customers experience cannot be improved.

At Xcentuate we undertake an independent impartial assessment of your customer service. We interview your customers and stakeholders to identify pain points and challenges that can dilute the customer experience in ways you may not have noticed.

With information gained from the assessment, we combine your operational data and create a 360-degree overview of the customer service in your organisation. With this information a plan can be developed, and we can work together to transform the customer experience.

Results & Feedback

The results of the Health Check are reviewed against the ActiveOps Capability Maturity Model:

At the end of the visit we’ll hold an immediate review session with the management team. Our observations will be shared, followed by a presentation outlining insights, recommendations and suggested next steps.


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