Superior customer service with reduced costs

We have the tools you need to achieve your potential

Superior customer service with reduced costs

We have the tools you need to achieve your potential

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What is ActiveOps Workware?

If Operations managers were given a single magic wish they just might use it on ActiveOps Workware. It addresses the increased demand for improved efficiency and optimisation in the back office workforce. Workware is an advanced cloud based and mobile solution that enables your teams to perform at their very best.
ActiveOps Workware

With ActiveOps Workware, managers get real time departmental, team and individual performance data. So, you can make informed decisions whether you’re in the office or not. Managers and team leaders also benefit from ActiveOps Workware’s intuitive forecasting and capacity planning functionality. This makes it easy to confidently review and swiftly revise priorities.

What about the machines? Robotic Process Automation is prevalent in today’s operations management. ActiveOps Workware facilitates the improved management of your blended workforce of people and machines.

ActiveOps Workware is a cloud-based technology requiring no installation, maintenance or updates on local servers or user devices. It’s a mobile solution designed for a mobile workforce.

ActiveOps Workware is a trusted solution used by leading financial services companies and BPOs around the world.

Workware and business systems

BPM, Document Management, workflow engines and other business solutions integrate in real-time through Workware Connect to produce a single view of all operations. Think about how much easier decision-making will be from this primary view.

Supporting LEAN and Business Transformation Initiatives

What Operations Manager worth their salt hasn’t heard of LEAN? ActiveOps Workware has its roots in LEAN and has been developed to support and quantify this. In fact, ActiveOps was the first software application to be accredited by the Lean Competency System. It also supports Six Sigma and numerous other transformation initiatives with clear performance and capacity management data.

Lean Competency System