Bring your operation to the next level

Want 15% higher productivity?

Bring your operation to the next level

Want 15% higher productivity?

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  • Increase your operational efficiency by 15% - 25%

  • Optimise people and robots together

  • Accelerate your digital transformation

  • Enhance your operational capability

  • Embed a culture of collaboration and agility

  • Improve consistency of service

Operational Health Check

How does your organisation compare to industry best practice? Xcentuate’s Health Check is a comprehensive two day, on site, analysis and evaluation of your organisation’s current operational fitness.  It will benchmark your business against the market, and provide detailed feedback and recommendations on how to drive your company to the next level.


Active Ops Workware

Get the right tools for the job. ActiveOps Workware is trusted by leading organisations in banking, insurance, outsourcing and governments to optimise and streamline the most demanding back office and administration environments.


Active Ops AOM Method

You really can never know enough about your team. That’s particularly true when you’re responsible for making sure your team performs both well and efficiently for your organization. With the right workforce analytics, you can know what’s necessary to manage your team members most efficiently.



We’re operations people who speak your language. We successfully implemented AOM in the organisation’s we worked in and were so impressed with the results that we now want to help other operations teams achieve the same.  Our industry knowledge and experience will help transform your business.


Converting your information into valuable insights that can be actioned and implemented to drive improved performance.


Improve your operational control and consistency of service delivery. Increase productivity and reduce costs.


Transform your process to provide an innovative and superior customer experience.

Customers of the ActiveOps Solution


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Key Benefits

We help companies at every stage of development, driving improvement in business performance.

  • Improved consistency of service
  • Improved productivity and reduced costs
  • Improved operational management capability
  • Insights into customer experience
  • Transformed service proposition

Frequently asked Questions

While our background is in financial services, the methodology has been applied in numerous industries worldwide including, financial services, public sector, healthcare and business process outsourcing.

The Workware system is designed to be implemented with little or no IT work for our clients. Talk to us to see what would work best for your company.

The advantage of our system and methodology is that it can be implemented with very little change management from the client side. Our team of coaches will be on site using a proven delivery method. Implementations typically last for 12 weeks. Talk to us to find out more.

We will come to you to carry out a brief diagnostic exercise. We will provide you with a detailed report on your operation, and support the delivery of a business case.